About Us

Verita Energy, LLC is a small but dedicated Wisconsin based team comprised of energy experts that provide consulting services as an owner’s advocate with a focus on building quality and long lasting relationships. 

Verita is Italian for “Truth”. In an industry where the virtues of transparency, honor, and generosity are not commonplace, we are called to be unique and set apart. From a foundation of grounded values, we execute creative and tailored energy solutions with passion for the greatest good of our clients.

Our focus is to be your advocate and provide the energy expertise that you need to complete any size energy project. We are not a contractor looking to sell a project, but rather your advocate that is here to help you analyze, develop, and manage energy projects that make sense for you, not the contractor.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of energy engineers and industry professionals with years of experience completing comprehensive energy upgrades, everything from the energy audit to construction management and owner training. Our team of Certified Energy Managers (CEM), energy engineers, and Renewable Energy Assessors have worked on projects from residential in size to multi-million dollar projects with guaranteed energy savings.  The Verita Energy team has expertise in energy efficiency, demand management, and renewable energy.

To learn more about who we are, check out Our Team.

What We Do

Verita Energy is an energy consulting company that acts as an owner’s advocate. We provide the following independent and fiduciary energy consulting services:

  • Utility Rate Analysis & Energy Auditing
  • Energy Planning & Project Development
  • Construction Oversight
  • On-going Energy Support

For more information on the services we offer, check out Our Services.